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5 fun things to make with your kids at Christmas

27 Nov 2013 | No comments

If you haven’t already labelled your child’s school uniform yet it’s not too late to do so before the Christmas holidays. Schools are busy rehearsing nativity plays in the weeks before Christmas, this involves children getting dressed up in festive outfits and uniform getting muddled or lost. Label things up and your child can find […]

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Ways to help your child get through school

14 Nov 2013 | No comments

If you want your child to achieve their true potential at school they are going to need plenty of support along the way. Spend quality time with your kids, talk about the subjects they are covering at school and try some of the following tips to help them perform well when they are being educated. Set […]

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Banish back to school blues in 4 simple steps

22 Oct 2013 | No comments

Getting the kids back to school after the long summer holidays is a challenge most parents dread. If you find you are normally ‘negotiating’ with your child at the start of September read this article and find ways to make the start of the new term easier for everyone involved. Get to bed earlier: A week […]

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Name Labels

19 Oct 2013 | No comments

Hey All, We are a work in progress at the moment and this is our first blog we also have a new twitter and a new look to our facebook page. So to help us get started who would like a Competition?

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