I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for the super efficient service. I ordered these labels on Saturday for my nephew and they received them yesterday Wow!.

Thanks and Best Regards


Hi Rose

Just want to thank you for your excellent prompt service. WE received our order today. Next Tues 18th our school has a uniform/books nights and I’d be delighted to distribute the flyers you sent.

Thanks again and best of luck with the business.



Well done, the labels are excellent, lasted throughout all last school year. Have lots of nieces and nephews starting school over the coming years and will recommend “Nomine” to them all.


Dear Rose,

I just received my order and am delighted with them. They are great and can’t believe I got them so quickly, ¬†Thanks for that – I’ll be busy for the weekend (hopefully the iron on aren’t too tricky!)

I have passed your brochures and shown the finished product to some colleages of mine so that should hopefully lead to another few customers for you.

Best of luck with the business – I’ll be back next year


Dear Rose,

Hope all is well with you this year, Your new label designs went down very well with my son. I wish you all the best and long success with your excellent business.