We here at Namelabels4u.co.uk have been designing making and selling labels for over 5 years, each year as we learn more about our customers and their needs, we try to provide new options, new solutions and innovative label designs. Here at Name Labels4U we offer a range of school labels and more that resist the day to day wear that a child’s clothes and items go through.

As mentioned we have now been providing iron on labels for 5 years and helping mothers up and down the country save time! One thing we have noticed is that new customers are most concerned about their child losing the high value items, uniforms, sports gear, books etc. and this is very natural. However young children especially are far more concerned about losing the small things, the pencil received as a present from their best friend or aunt, the pen they bought while on holidays etc. to help with the kids concerns, we provide a full range of labels for kids including pencil labels, shoe labels, address labels and much more! We offer free delivery on all of our products wherever you are and provide a variety of sizes suitable for a range of items from books, to pencils.

All our iron-on labels are washing machine proof and all vinyl labels are dishwasher safe so that you won’t find yourself having to constantly re-iron/stick them on. Unfortunately not all materials are suitable for iron on labels. To ensure that our products are effective you should always make sure you read and follow the instructions properly.

If you’re having trouble placing an order or would like to talk about any of our products then just give us a ring! We are always happy to help and we want to guarantee that the items we sell work for you. Gone are the days of lost water bottles and clothing, now you can use our durable labels to ensure that anything lost finds its way home.