If you want your child to achieve their true potential at school they are going to need plenty of support along the way. Spend quality time with your kids, talk about the subjects they are covering at school and try some of the following tips to help them perform well when they are being educated.

  • Set study times: Free up time in the week where you can sit down with your child to help them with their homework. Positive one-to-one time is a great way to find out what your child has been learning and if they come across any tricky areas they’ll have you by their side to offer advice.
  • Read: Encourage reading from an early age and make it a regular part of the night time preparations before your child goes to bed. The more stimulated they are about reading the greater their thirst for knowledge will be so set up a small library of books at home.
  • Don’t do the work for them: One of the biggest mistakes parents make is helping their child too much with homework. If they are stuck on a subject simply lead them in the right direction, try not to get into the habit of telling them the answer because their teacher would rather they get some things wrong, at least this way they know where their weak areas are.
  • Make learning fun: If your child is facing a tricky test at school read their text books and create a quiz on some of the key principles. Help your child prepare for the test by setting points for each question they get right, you could hand out small prizes if they get a set amount of questions right.
  • Take a class: If you are struggling to understand your child’s homework enrol at a night class or weekend class at a local further education centre. You could take a maths refresher course, or if you didn’t do that well at school, study for an O or A Level and you’ll be able to give your child loads of support when they stumble on key concepts in the future.

Just try some of the above ideas and help your child achieve great things when they are at school.