Iron-on Labels

Our iron-on labels are easy to apply will last years and are perfect for kids school jackets, uniforms and sports wear. The iron-on labels come in two sizes the smaller sized iron on labels are perfect for kid’s clothes. The larger iron-on labels are especially suitable for the elderly or those going in to care. The labels are easy to apply, but it is important to read the instructions supplied and make sure the garments are hot iron safe. When applied correctly they should last for years. You can order our iron-on labels on their own or you can order a mixed pack of iron-on and stick-on labels to cater for all your kids stuff.

Both sizes of Iron-on label are available in our 4 different label styles, labels in our “classic label style” have a white background and you choose the foreground colour and font, labels in our “coloured label style” allow you to choose a colour mix, labels in our “Team Label style” allow you to choose a team of your choice printed on a white background, finally our “Patterned label style” allows you to select a pattern and a foreground and background colour. The best thing to do if you have time is to seat down with your child and try a few different combinations to see what they like, it may only be labels but you can get quite a bit of fun out of trying different combinations.

The larger iron on labels are especially suitable for the elderly i.e ., those with poor sight and those in nursing homes etc, it’s important in nursing homes that iron on labels are larger so that staff in the laundry who process large amounts of clothes can identify them quickly, this is also true of any short-term or long term residential care (e.g. hospital).

Iron-on Labels in Classic Style


Iron-on Labels in Coloured Style


Iron-on Labels in Pattern Style


Iron-on Labels in Team Label Style

Iron-on Labels Sample

Iron-on Labels - Product Information

  • Label Size:
  • Dimensions:
  • Quantity (per set):
  • Icons Allowed:
  • Price (per set):
  • Standard
  • 60mm x 10mm
  • 40
  • Yes
  • £11.00
  • Large
  • 75mm x 15mm
  • 30
  • Yes
  • £11.00

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