Stick-on Name Labels

When it comes to kids’ school bags you know there’s a million and one things to go in there, and hopefully everything comes home again too! Now you can cut the risk of your child’s stuff ending up in the Lost Property box at school with high quality name tags for kids that can stick on almost anything with a smooth surface. You can stick them onto lunch boxes, drinks bottles, pencil cases, calculators and much more too.

Each pack includes 45 labels so you have plenty to stick on anything that seems able to walk off by itself, plus all our labels for kids are made from durable vinyl so they don’t come off easily, even staying on through hand-washing and the dishwasher too. Unlike subpar paper labels, our vinyl labels for kids have been designed to last – making them exceptional value for money and cutting down on the frustration of lost or wandering school equipment. You can customise your labels too, making identification quick and easy between multiple kids in the household – just pick a different background colour and making sure each one has their own stuff can be done with just a glance.

As well as making great name tags for kids, our labels are extremely useful for elderly relatives who spend time in day care or hospital – enabling you to label their personal glasses cases, canes or walking aids with easy-to-read names. Once you’ve tried our labels we’re confident you’ll find lots of uses for them – so click through to Order now and you can customise your labels exactly how you want them.


Stick-on Labels – Classic Style


Stick-on Label Patterned Style


Stick-on Label Team Style


Stick-on Label Coloured Style


Stick-on Name Labels Sample

Stick-on Name Labels - Product Information

  • Dimensions:
  • Quantity (per set):
  • Icons Allowed:
  • Price (per set):
  • 75mm x 15mm
  • 45
  • Yes
  • £11.00

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