Nursing Home Pack

This Pack contains all the elements for someone being admitted to a Nursing Home, Large Iron-on Labels for easy of their clothes identification in a communal laundry, Stick-on labels for walking sticks, spectacle cases, walking sticks etc., shoe labels to identify shoes, slippers etc., and finally pencil labels which can be used on pill containers and other small items.

The main concern when ordering labels for Nursing Homes is that they be clearly legible and large enough to be seen by those with poor sight or by staff members who assist them. Hence our Nursing Home Label Pack includes our large iron-on labels, which work well in this environment.

See Below a sheet from a Nursing Home Pack in our Classic Style, these can easily be ordered in a plain colour and without an Icon.

Each Nursing Home Pack contains 4 of these sheets.




Sample Package

Nursing Home Pack - Package Contents

  • 12 Stick-on Name Labels (75mm x 15mm)
    24 Pencil Labels (30mm x 6mm)
    24 Large Iron on Labels (75mm x 15mm)
    4 Shoe Labels (40mm x 40mm)
    (Shoe Labels include protective cover)
  • Total Labels: 64
  • Price: £15.00

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